Saklikent Ski central

Saklikent Ski central

Information about Saklıkent Ski Resort

Saklıkent is a center that can be preferred by both professional skiers and beginners and those who want to learn to ski. The most notable aspect of the ski resort is that if you come to the region at the end of February and in March, you will also be able to go to the sea after skiing. The center, which is already famous for its slogan"skiing inthe day and the sea in the afternoon", is extremely remarkable as it offers you both winter holidays and summer holidays.

Located in Antalya, which has a temperate climate, this ski resort is also a place where you can explore Antalya and the surrounding regions due to its location. In addition, The Saklıkent ski resort is also known as the ski resort with the highest temperature level. Therefore, it is a popular destination for many people for holidays. Since the sunny one is 50 – 60 days, you can coincide your holiday between these periods. When we examine the ski resort in terms of snow thicknesses, we can see that it is between 100 and 200 cm. However, if you go to the top, you can also see that this snow thickness averages 4 meters.

The periods when the ski resort is open are between 10 December and 10 April. This ski resort welcomes a large number of local and foreign tourists, where you can choose to ski for 120 days. The busiest period of the facility is February, when the schools in our country take the semester break.

Saklıkent Ski Resort It is an important resort within the borders of Antalya and is considered one of the most important ski resorts in the Mediterranean. Located in the Beydag section of Taurus, this ski resort is located on the northern slope of Bakırlıdag. Featuring 500 chalets, this ski resort is spacious. The resort, which we can also call a ski complex, is also known as the closest ski resort to the Mediterranean sea and Ecuador. Therefore, we can say that it is world famous.

How to get to Saklıkent Ski Resort?

Considering that it is 35 km from Antalya and 50 km from the airport, the first choice would be to come by plane. Of course, there is also the option to arrive by private vehicle or bus. As we move from Uncalı direction towards Cakirlar, hidden city signs can be easily reached by watching. You can also benefit from the paid shuttle service that the Saklıkent Ski Resort company picks up from 5m Migros at 08.00 in the morning and leaves them back at the same place at 16.00 in the evening.

What are The Lifts of Saklıkent Ski Resort?

Saklıkent ski resort, which we can say is located on the forest border, is ideal for both new snowboarders and those engaged in professional skiing. For this reason, the pistes are divided into amateur tracks, mid-range pistes and professional tracks. There is also a runway area for everyday guests, as you can check in daily.

This ski resort, which we can say is located in Antalya, is also famous for its lifts. The Karakata chairlift is 1900 meters to 2400 meters long. This is the largest lift in the hidden city and reaches 800 people to the top of the mountain. Guests can have an extremely enjoyable time sitting in the café located at the top. The Saklıbel ski lift caters to moderate skiers engaged in snowboarding and skiing. This ski lift, where 200 skiers reach the top of the slopes in one hour, is of great interest. Since antalya hotel prices are extremely affordable, you can choose to come to the property for the day. If you're going to spend a little time at the resort and are a beginner in terms of snowboarding, you can use the babylift. Built in December 2015, the babylift with a capacity of 100 skiers is in high demand.

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