Rental Conditions

How does the reservation system work? After choosing the vehicle you want to rent or the service you want to use, you can complete your reservation process by entering the necessary information after reaching the vehicle and service that suits you.   Can I make a reservation without using my credit card? Since Skyes car rental offers you the best price instantly, you need to enter your credit card information during the booking process.   What kind of payment options are available? You can use all your debit and credit cards during the booking process.   How do I know if my booking has been confirmed? When your booking is confirmed, you will receive an email about it.   Under what conditions can I cancel or change my reservation? You can cancel your reservation by calling our company 48 hours before the vehicle is processed.   Do I have to pay anything at the time of booking? Since Skyes car rental offers you the best price instantly, you need to enter your credit card information and pay during the booking process.   I can't drive, can I get a chauffeur-drive service? Unfortunately, we are not able to provide chauffeur-drive service at the moment. However, we will offer this service to you in the future.   Will I be charged for an additional driver? In order to use an additional driver, the current driver's license and identity information of the additional driver to be added to the person renting the vehicle are added to the rental agreement for a fee. If it is not specified that an additional driver will be used and any accident has occurred, the persons driving the vehicle are held separately and jointly responsible. The additional driver is also expected to comply with the age restriction.   Do I have to pay for my child? If there are children or infants in the vehicles, the vehicle used must have a baby and child seat. In these conditions, the supplier can offer the company's baby and child seat to the person who will rent the vehicle by adding a fee.   Do I need to have my driver's license with me when I rent a car? When renting the car, you must have a driver's license and credit card with you, where you will present your ID.   How much additional fee do I have to pay if I want to use my vehicle for longer than I specified? Additional fee payments vary depending on the conditions of the company. If the delivery date of the vehicle exceeds the reserved date, the daily fee is charged by the company you rented over the list price of the current day.   What does car insurance include? The contract you signed when you received your vehicle contains information about the scope of vehicle insurance and the payments to be made in case of damage. We recommend that you read the document carefully and in detail to find out the content of this information.   Do I take responsibility for damage if I have an accident? Accident Damage Waiver is an application that reduces the liability of the driver, who is subject to the car rental agreement, in case of damage. You can waive damage if your vehicle is protected by insurance. Some part of the vehicle

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