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GENERA.L CAR LEASE TERMS: The iess ı"eıt to the Lessee whose signature appears condilions states on pages 1 and 4 which the Lessee ARTiCLE 1 G=NERAL CONDlTlONS: a- 'l-he Lessor İease the vehicle under the terms of conditions state below for the lease duration. The lessee with his sir]natı-jre, ackno',nıledge thet be recieved in proper operating condition, five tires in good condition with complite set cf totıls accesscıies and car papers and agrees to return the vehicle under conditio-ns on the agreed time and place; b- Lessee undertakes that the vehicle wit not be used, '!. To tı"ansport Eoods in violations of customs regulations or any other illegal purposes. 2.Tb push on tow any vehicle or any Ro|ling or non Rolling objects. 3.No in R-:ctor sPoıt testing oı'rebility trials test Crive on road not open to and/or shuttable or nontraffic 4.To *xact limits İı'ı the number of passenger and/or ioad capacity to be carried in the vehicle. ı- Fcı Paid carri*d of Passengers goods what ever the method of the payment or the written or oral contract.Lessee mı:st lıe in Prosession of a valid national or international driver licence. The minimum aEe requlred is 21. ln addition the iıenıcle maY İıe driven only by person(s). Subject to Lessor's prior authorizatıon, and provided he fits the terms aııd conditıons, registering his signature on the rental contract. otherwise alI insurance become void. d- Time tesse undeıtakes to keep suid vehicle, safe and iooked when not in use in the event of heltaf the vehicle Le*see is responsatıle to pay the due - tarif basis or the 45 days. e- LeŞsŞ undertakes le Pay in the event. To car papers and/or plute(s)the rental charges and the de-issuing expences tc these items ı"ıntil he brings the items back, f- ünnficcation ıf the car bY the authorities due to the fault of the Lessor not Lessee undertakes to pay a rescue şxi]enses as ,ııei as the rental charges up to date of rescue. - Lessee during the rental Period will be responsab|e fort he periodical mainterance (greasing, lubrication water,etc) ıf the vehicle and he must Present receipt bills, in Lessors name in order to optain reimbursent. on the expenses, v,ıiİl onlY' be reimburse against receipted bi|ls in the name of Lessor after the confirmation. Normal mechanical wear rePaio exPences is for account of the Lessor however in the event of any damage or repaid ı]eecled bı7 anY CaUseS other than n<ırmal waerm in the event freezing of the moİor or in similar occasions. Lessee agrees to PaYY all the cianıage at his expenses_as wel as transport eİpenses of vehicle. Lesse undertakes to pay the ierıta! chaı'ges of the vehicle fort he days our of work on the basis of the valid tarif. h- Gasciine is on tiıe costui-]-iers accounti- L-esse curing oı- before the rental period or after delivering back the vehicle dischatges the Lessor from the responsibility of lcıss or camage of good left in or carried oy tne vehicie, j- i)aily rental (24 hours), weekly or montiy are counted as 7 days or 3o days k- |-essors prese\"/er§ the right. not to extant otr to cancel the rehtal contract, not being subject to any indemnities oi any reason_ |- Aııy sublementaİ-j/ or change causes in term and conditions are not valid unless agreed and inscrebed by both sides, m- L.essor and Lessee hoth agrees to preserve their mutual benefits in tracing third ğart autrıorizİng to present eacn othe;-s in oroPoıtion with their rights and be responsable for jurdical expenses-in the proportion. n- Vehiı;le Can nct ieııve l-urkish border without, official permission document of the İessor o- Anv disPutes a rising her under shall raffed at Antalya Law of Courts and execution court to be resolved under Tı-ii-kish La,,v. on the front page of this Rent Contract under the terms of accepts and agrees observe . or peledge this contract the vehicle its equipment or trade the same of any of this undertaking empowers the Lessor to return of the justification or make any payment whatever. p- The Lessee slıal in not event seli hypothecate any way detrimeııi.aN io the Lessor- Any infraction rıel,ıicle forth with, without being required to finish ART|CLE 2 PAYMENTS Lesse undeı'takes to pay to the Lessor on demand on deposid 20 yo more than estimate cost. The final adjustment *j]J P" 11ade on comPletion of the rental. All conversations ar efor guidance oniy and rates quoteo in İurkish ı_ira officiai. Equivalency will be calculated on the basis of officially rateğ which is payable by cash or traveller cheque or by authorizecl credit card regarded not over validity limits. Leisee informing to the Lessor 48 hours in advance and sııpplimenting the ııocecary deposite may the renta|. ARTICLE 3 lNstJRANCE Lessor uıldeıtakes the responsahıility in the event of unjured or damage to third parties, with in the legal limits conıPaisaı'Y third PartY Liability insurance in propartion with his benefiİfrom the insurance. Any respo-nsibility above ihe iimits returns to the Lesse. Lesse has full responsibility and is liable for the left leased car and İor all thg.damages Hcıwever these liabilities of the Lessee can be covered if he acceptand deposites agreed insurance premiums at the tiıııe of taking deliverY of the vehic|e. Lesse undertakes the following to be protect b"y a full own damage insurance is voicj. a- To rePor to Lessor any accident, tef tor tire even partial immediatelly unless excuise by b- Lesse under no circumstanceswill interfere in the damaged vehic|e c- Lesse must oPtain and hand to the Lessor with in 48 hours a detailed accident report taken from the nearest auth<ıritY (traffic PoIice, local police station or Gendarmeria) alcohol report, also the betais of the accident suggest circumstances date, place, time, the name and adresses oithe witnesses, tne name adres of the owner of the other ,ıehicle involııed the plate nurnber of the policy. d- ln the event of thevehicle the Lessor has no report to the nearest authority and to the Lessor immediatelly and Lesse is responsable to pay the rental on the due tarif basis fort he firs 45 diys.
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