Rental Conditions



The driver's license and age requirements for renting are as follows:

  • Economic class: Valid driver's license for at least 2 years and being over 22 years old.
  • Middle class: Valid driver's license for at least 3 years and over 23 years of age.
  • Upper and luxury class: Valid driver's license for at least 5 years and being over 26 years old.

Users who do not use a Latin alphabet license (Russia, China, Syria.b, etc.) must present their valid international driver's license and passport (if T.C is not a citizen) in addition to their own driver's license at the time of rental.


The rental period is at least 1 day (24 hours). Reservations are 59 min. delayed, and when delays exceed 1 hour, a full-day charge of the daily rental fee is charged.


The mileage limit varies according to the rental days, but is indicated in the table below. Rentals of 30 days or more are limited to 4,000Km. If mileage limits are exceeded, a vat fee of 0.85TL + VAT per km crossing the border is charged.

1-10 Days

300 Km/Day

11-29 Days

3500 Km Total


4,000 Km Total



Our rental customers are asked to have a credit card issued in their name at the time of rental. Although this credit card varies according to the group of vehicles they rent, a deposit of at least 500 TL is taken for economic group vehicles, 750 TL for middle group vehicles and 1500 TL for upper group vehicles.


Your booking for all groups must be finalized and your financial analysis* must meet skyes car rental criteria in order to receive your vehicle. *"Your financial analysis can be done via with your T.C. id number and gsm number registered in T.C banks. After receiving this information in the inquiry.C you must confirm the message sent to your GSM number registered in T.C banks."


Vehicles are recovered at the fuel level delivered. The fuel difference between the purchase fuel level and the delivery fuel level will be requested from the tenant by adding a service fee of between 30% depending on the fuel prices at the time of delivery


In case the vehicle is picked up and returned to another office, 0.85tl+VAT, which is the one-way fee stipulated by SKYES CAR RENTAL, is applied.


In order for a person other than the renter to drive the vehicle, valid ID and driver's license information must be written to the contract at the beginning of the rental, the additional driver's signature must be included in the contract and additional daily driver fees must be paid. If this rule is not complied with, the insurances received will be voided and the tenant and the users shall be held responsible for all damages.


Additional Service

Per Day / Per Rental

Price (1-15DAYS)

Price (+15DAYS)

GPS / Navigation


30 TL

25 TL

Baby / Child Seat


35 TL

25 TL

Additional Driver


30 TL

25 TL

Additional 250 Km

Per Lease

175 TL

150 TL


Per Lease

300 TL

300 TL



Vehicles are not allowed to be taken outside turkey's borders.


If you notify us of your cancellation request up to 2 hours before your purchase time, the total amount you paid for the rental will be refunded to your credit card.

If you stop buying the vehicle without notifying us at your scheduled vehicle purchase time and/or notify us of your cancellation request less than 2 hours before your purchase time, the remaining amount will be refunded to your credit card after a one-day fee deduction.


Traffic tickets belong to the tenant. For traffic tickets paid by SKYES CAR RENTAL, 10 TL + VAT service fee is charged separately. If the vehicle is detained from traffic, this period is added to the rental period.

The usage fee for the HGS/OGS service used for toll highway and bridge crossings, plus the 10 TL/rental service fee, is charged separately from the rental fee.


The vehicles have a rent a car helmet with a 2% exemption on the insurance values determined by TSB, and you can adjust your risk according to your own limits in case of damage, accident, etc. by purchasing the assurance packages located at the bottom in case of any damage, accidents, etc.


Insurance Type


1-15 Days

16-30 Days

Mini Damage Insurance

It grants the right to cover the material damages of 5 cm or less (scratch, dent) that may occur on the hood of the vehicle with your declaration without a report up to 500 TL.

45 TL

30 TL

LCF (Rubber-Cam-Headlight) Insurance

LCF protects any damage to tires, glass and headlights without the need to report and with a declaration of 600 TL. Damage should not be on more than one part of the vehicle. Applies only to unilateral damages.

50 TL

45 TL

Full Insurance Coverage (SCDW)

It is a full insurance package that eliminates the exemption amounts and all risks found in the insurance.

100 TL


Young Driver Pack(+1)

If the age group is not suitable for renting a car, it provides the right to rent a car by adding 1 year in addition to your age. It must be taken with Mini Damage Insurance.

50 TL

30 TL


  • In all cases excluded from coverage under the general conditions of insurance, the tenant's liability for damages shall continue if the vehicle is drunk, under the influence of drugs, outside the legal speed limits and misused, used by anyone other than the persons whose name is written on the lease, accident and alcohol reports are not received and the vehicle and its reports are not delivered to skyes car rental turkey head office within 24 hours.
  • In the event of an accident, do not forget to report accidents and alcohol by contacting the nearest police or gendarmerie center without relocating your vehicle. Otherwise, the insurances will be voided and the tenant shall be liable for all damages and material/moral losses to third parties. SKYES CAR RENTAL reserves the right to change the rental prices and conditions and the type of vehicle specified in the booking without prior notice if it deems necessary.
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