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Have you met Skyes Car Rental's fleet rental service? You can complete your application by filling out the fleet rental form immediately and providing you with the appropriate and brand selection. With the privilege of Skyes Car Rental, you can easily reach the cars you need for your operations such as logistics, marketing and sales with our fleet rental services, which you can reach at campaign prices. In our fleet leasing services, which can be preferred by businesses of all sizes, we have a wide range of vehicles that can meet all demands. Skyes Car Rent, where you can access the most qualified vehicles of the world brands, can finance as many vehicles as you want. Moreover, you can use our end-to-end solutions for all transactions to complete your transactions online. With our fleet leasing services that save you time, effort and budget, you can ensure continuity at work without losing jobs.

Take Advantage of Fleet Leasing

You can benefit from our car rental services from one to 5 years thanks to fleet rental services that can be used not only by companies but also by individuals. The risks associated with the use of cars, such as second-hand value and investment risk, belong to our company. In this way, you and your employees will only enjoy a safe and comfortable ride during the vehicle use process. Your workflow processes will not be disrupted thanks to fleet car rental services where expense items such as tire replacement, spare vehicle service, insurance and insurance expenses are also owned by us. With Skyes Car Rental, where you will also save on vehicle-related expenses such as damage repairs, tax payments, periodic maintenance services, you will be comfortable in the rental process.

Great Convenience with Fleet Leasing

Thanks to the possibility of fast turnaround, you just need to contact Skyes Car Rental, where you can reach the vehicles you need in a very fast time, and communicate your criteria such as mileage limit, model and brand. When you contact Skyes Car Rental, the address of long-term car rental, our friendly customer representatives will meet your expectations as soon as possible. You can easily reach the address of fleet car rental from all over Turkey and submit your request. How about being part of the Skyes Car Rental family, which you can choose for fleet rental services of all sizes?

Fleet leasing

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